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The United States population has grown from 192 million in 1964, when the Wilderness Act was passed, to almost 291 million people today, and is becoming increasingly diverse. In 2000, 80% of Americans lived in metropolitan areas. The result of these shifts and increasing diversity is a growing disconnect between people and wilderness. Many have a poor understanding of what wilderness is, how it shaped our nation and how they benefit from it. Surveys of public opinion taken by commercial polling firms, the media, and the federal government consistently find that Americans who know about wilderness value it tremendously. Research also shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans are currently unaware of the existing wilderness system and its values. A concerted effort must be made to reconnect Americans with their wilderness heritage and to provide citizens from diverse demographic and ethnic groups with the information they need to be informed voters and participants in wilderness decisions.

The National Park Service, in cooperation with other wilderness management agencies, has developed wilderness education plans and products in order to raise public awareness, knowledge and appreciation of wilderness. Explore the products and links below to learn about ways to share wilderness information with others.

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