National Wilderness Steering Committee
NPSWilderness Photo

The Wilderness Leadership Council (WLC) of the National Park Service (NPS) is comprised of superintendents and multidisciplinary staff from across the National Park System whose purpose is to serve as an advisory body to the NPS Director on all matters pertaining to wilderness in the National Park System and enhance the ability of the agency to address critical wilderness stewardship issues.

The Committee assists the Directorate and national parks in developing and implementing programs and projects that improve the accountability, consistency, and continuity of the National Park Service wilderness stewardship. Another objective of the NWSC is to facilitate the understanding of wilderness stewardship as a core mission of the National Park Service in which virtually all disciplines in the National Park Service workforce have important roles and responsibilities—resource protection, resources management, science, education, trail maintenance, training, etc. The WLC also facilitates and encourages the National Park Service to become a leading partner in wilderness stewardship efforts within the framework of the National Wilderness Preservation System.

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