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II. Wilderness Background Information

II. A1 - The Idea of Wilderness

  President Jimmy Carter on Wilderness (Quick Time)

II. B1 - Wilderness Biographies

II. C1 - A Wilderness-Forever Future (History of the NWPS)

II. D1 - The Wilderness Act and Subsequent Legislation

The Wilderness Act, 1964
   • Wilderness Act Powerpoint Program and Notes
Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, 1980 (ANILCA)
Arizona Wilderness Act of 1984
California Wilderness Act of 1984
California Desert Protection Act of 1994
Eastern Wilderness Areas Act, 1975
  Endangered American Wilderness Act of 1978
Redwood National Expansion Act, 1978

II. E1 - Frequently Asked Questions

II. F1 - NPS Annual Wilderness Report

II. G1 - Site-Specific Wilderness Information

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